Thanks for all the love.

I first learned about CET Color while attending a national trade show in 2009 and they were debuting their initial flatbed and roll-to-roll models. I had previous manufacturing experience with the original manufacturing partner during my days with DuPont, so I knew it was a well-built, entry-level machine.

I recently sold my first CET Color flatbed to a printer in Texas and upgraded to their Q-Series 1000 which is a 4’x8’ dedicated flatbed with 8 CMYK Ricoh heads. The quality of the Ricoh heads is very good and that same head is used in much larger machines from several top-tier manufacturers.

My experience with the delivery and install was flawless – and I say this coming from the experience of having been involved with the installs of several different competitive brands of machines where the setup phase was less than stellar. There were no major issues, no boards needed to be replaced and once the initial setup was complete, the printer fired up correctly and ran a perfect nozzle check. It was literally a plug-and-play setup for me. It took 30 minutes to have the riggers lower the delivery crate off the delivery truck and uncrate the printer and lower it to the ground on its wheels. We rolled it in place and leveled the unit and plugged it in and started initial setup.

For our business the main selling point of these printers is the ease of use and reliability to perform each time you hit ‘Print.’ If you maintain the unit as scheduled and have steady power and a generally normal print environment, there are no issues to contend with regarding daily operation.

The 1000Q has definitely saved us time by allowing us to produce more jobs. From my first CET Color purchase to my current model, the increase in output capacity has greatly reduced cycle time of many jobs – which means we can turn more jobs in a specific hourly timeframe. Saving time means making more money, especially when you compare the throughput number to comparable competitive machines that cost $100,000 more.

I really like their new print controller module that allows for more flexible user interface with individual print jobs without having to go back to the RIP station to re-initiate print jobs. The flatbed pin registration system makes producing two-sided prints easier, faster and more repeatable.

I would definitely recommend a CET Color printer to any of my colleagues who are considering entering the UV-curable print marketplace. It is a well-designed and manufactured printer that has had quite a bit of technical input from all phases of manufacturing to create a solid piece of equipment that you will be proud to own and your employees will not complain about its daily operation. It is reliable and will perform as expected when asked.

I am a member of several industry-related websites and forums and have read countless horror stories about a number of different manufacturers’ machines and how it took three weeks to get them up and running and two weeks to get them repaired. There are certainly larger makers of these types of printers with massive service and support organizations and you will pay dearly for that ‘security’ they offer. But for those in my market segment, I cannot afford to be down for two weeks let alone two days. CET Color is world-class at diagnosing and fixing problems that arise to get you back and producing as quickly as possible.

Sean Miller

Owner, Digital Graphics Express

Precise Digital Printing is always looking for printers that help us achieve faster speeds without sacrificing quality. We found this combination of features with the CET Color printers that we operate.

We initially purchased a CET Color 5′ x 10′ flatbed. We considered just about every manufacturer when we were shopping for a flatbed and I have to admit that we were hesitant about CET Color since they were a new company. But we now believe that we made the best choice and have a close partnership with CET Color. The installation was on-time, smooth, and we’ve been very impressed with the print quality and job turnaround time that we get with this flatbed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CET Color printers to anyone. CET Color is a great company offering outstanding quality and value in their printers and service.

Jay Shah

Owner, Precise Digital Printing

When Hayes Graphics entered the rigid substrate market, we found that we needed more reliability and consistency than we were currently getting. Plus the capability to produce two-sided work was very important to our clients.

We looked a number of flatbed manufacturers, including used printers. Our final decision to purchase a CET Color flatbed was based on print quality, price, and most importantly value. Our cost of ownership has been fantastic and though buying the 3rd or 4th printer sold by a company can be scary, we’ve never regretted our purchase.

CET Color backs up what they say. We actually consider them a ‘partner’ in our business. CET Color’s technician had our printer up and running in less than a day – quite impressive. The training was comprehensive and thorough, and we haven’t needed much support but what we have needed has been timely and quick to solve any issues.

Since installing the CET Color flatbed, we have been impressed with the time saved per job and its ease of operation. Plus our spoilage has been greatly reduced. We’re looking in the near future of adding an additional CET Color flatbed to our operation.

Bob Hayes

Owner, Hayes Graphics

Since 1976, P. Graham Dunn has been creating inspirational art, home decor and gifts. As a leading manufacturer in their market, we have a whole fleet of CET printers running constantly.

We chose CET Color because we were impressed by the unbeatable value and quality that their printers offer. We currently employ multiple flatbed printers from both the Q4 and Q5 series in our daily production. To date, our most popular items include lath and palletwall art that are perfect for rustic decor themes.

As we continue to innovate new products, we are coming up with more and more ideas for what we can do with CET’s printers. Sky’s the limit!

Joe Knutson

President, P. Graham Dunn

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2016, CET Color printers were used to produce a multi-substrate exhibit at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Elements were printed on WBB Ultra Board and PVC, then installed in various layers to create depth and dimension. The exhibit transports its visitors back to the 1950s and commemorates the brave journey one man took to achieve his dream for the nation.

I am elated. This exceeded my expectations. The vibrancy and color made the images come to life. We are so pleased with the final result.

Donald Bermudez

Designer, Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site