CET Color is an award-winning pioneer in the wide-format UV printing industry.

Our Story

As a print shop owner, Ernie Chin often found himself disappointingly limited by the printer options on the market.
As a solution, he began tweaking his machines to achieve the speed and quality desired. Taking apart and
rebuilding printers became a hobby, and that hobby eventually led to the birth of “Chin E. Technologies,” today’s CET Color.

Our Philosophy

At CET Color, we draw on our firsthand experience to innovate state-of-the-art technology
for our customers. We believe that speed should not have to be compromised for quality, or vice versa.
Our mission is to offer speed, quality and affordability all in one powerhouse machine.

Our Space

Our brand new 80,000 ft² production facility and headquarters is the foundation for the future of CET Color.  Our modern space includes a
40,000 ft² warehouse, 5,000 ft² printer assembly room, 2,000 ft² printer demonstration center and 800 ft² customer
experience lounge. In this building, you will find innovation and service at its finest.